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SEO Direct Response Copywriting GETS you MORE Ideal Clients!

Do you want authentic, magnetic, persuasive direct response SEO copywriting & marketing that empathically relates, resonates, attracts & converts MORE Ideal Clients?

Compelling, engaging copywriters are expert marketers.  We know how to activate primal emotional & psychological triggers that connect the heart & mind of Ideal Clients so they:

  • Feel you ‘get them’ & have results & solutions for their problems.
  • Trust your helpful content, positioning you as an Authority.
  • Bond, forming a relationship of like & respect. 
  • Let go of objections & melting resistance.
  • Ignite their ‘MUST BUY FROM YOU‘ desire!
  • Earn raving referees, online reviews & create more sales.

I can polish & shine your existing content or I can create new SEO content for freelance copywriter projects, copywriting for new businesses or copywriting for established businesses.

Crafted to enchant, SEO Copywriting services are available Australia wide.  I work with multiple industries & project demands.   Copywriting for Trades, Copywriting for Manufacturers, Copywriting for Lawyers, Accountants, Financial Institutions & all betwixt as alas to niche is boredom for a creative copywriter and marketer.  Niching in copywriting can lead to stale copy.

I have owned several businesses including building a multi-million dollar manufacturing company and I have experience in over 60 different industries and professions!

If in doubt, try me.  I’ll happily provide you with a draft sample showcasing my copywriter abilities.   Plus a free initial assessment of your current assets.

Call, email or fill out the contact form (bottom of page) & let’s talk all about your project today!


Magnify your message with copywriter services in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Darwin.

Freelance Copywriting

Freelance Copywriting & Marketing

Have you been burnt by copywriters & marketers?   I’ll provide a © copyright sample matched to your industry & project to show you what I can do for you.  ONLY pay if I produce a draft that you like & want to own.

RISK-FREE ~ Let’s chat today.

New Business Ventures

Congratulations on your new business!

Let’s strategise a plan to get the most value & benefit from your marketing budget.   

Expect a website & social media that’s in sync, branded, with strong, targeted, compelling SEO copywriting & marketing that will get you found & converting FAST!

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Established Business

Your Established Business Makeover

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) makes sense, dollars & cents over & over.

Conversions skyrocket by refreshing your site & social media; with consistent, targeted old school SEO copywriting, marketing & data-driven analytics.

Have a no-obligation chat.

Professional copywriting of your website & social media is a GAME CHANGER!

Ready for a Copywriting & Marketing shakedown by Detective Deb?

You suspect your website & social media are guilty of losing leads.

You & your staff are too close to independently review & report.

Online Surveillance of you & your Competitors.

Fact finding expedition & your baseline report, listing initial suspicions.

Covert online & offline Surveillance of you & your competitors.

How are you the same, how are you different? What's your story?

Forensic Investigation - we deep dive into you, your business & offers.

Questions so I can share your story & break down any complex concepts.

In hot pursuit of your Market Segments & Ideal Client Personas!

Identifying what your Ideal Client looks like.

The inquest is the answers & prioritised guide to maximise conversions.

We follow the steps & you'll convert more leads organically & from paid ads.

Hot Prospects AND...

MORE bang for your advertising buck!

  • Get SEO converting copywriting & marketing that speaks to the hearts & minds of your ideal client.
  • Gets them to find, like, learn, respect, trust and buy from you!
  • Weeds out the tyre kickers and qualifies your target market.
  • Content that establishes you as a leader in your industry.
  • Utilise advanced data-driven reports to guide your marketing decisions.


What our treasured clients say about our services.

Copywriting & marketing pay for themselves in increased conversions!

Let me help you, your business, services & products SHINE!

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Let me help you solve all your Copywriting & Marketing needs.

I can’t wait to show you what we can do to get your Ideal Client to like, trust, respect and buy from you.

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